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Image by Wesley Tingey

About O'dara

After experiencing horrible breakouts and uneven skin most of her life, Founder Najah Elessie decided to try and find skincare products that would help correct the problem. "I tried everything, and nothing seemed to work".  After meeting a woman from Indonesia with amazingly beautiful skin, she wanted to know the secret. “I decided to get educated on ancient Indonesian skincare. I wanted to know what their grandparents used and how the climate helped keep their skin so soft. I started working with a chemist and dermatologist to formulate the perfect mixture to correct my skin issues, thus, O’dara Exotic Skincare was born." 


O'dara, meaning Beauty in the Yoruba language, was designed with natural beauty in mind. With lush Ingredients derived from the island of Bali, such as exotic orange stem cells that help transform the texture and clarity of the skin, Balinese clay that help detoxify and purify the skin and hydrating moisturizer that captures the essence of the ocean, O'dara Exotic Skincare was made to make your skin feel like it's on an exotic vacation!


"I'm so excited to share this brand with you all!"


-Najah Elessie


We want you to feel confident in your own skin. We also believe you deserve natural formulas with beautiful packaging. During the formulation process, we work closely with chemists domestically and internationally to ensure our formulas are optimized for maximum efficacy.

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